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What about Echo,
How she pined,
How she felt her love
To the core
But remained alone?

That's how it goes sometimes.

There is no return,
But you love.
You give.
You have to.
You feel it.

And the breeze lifts,
And it lifts Echo,
And the breeze scatters her
Hither and yon
And she really is no more.

What happens
After all that
Time of being sure
Of nothing,
And coming in to winter?

Echo is gone,
And it's all about Narcissus:
His return marks
The return to life.

And Echo?
She loves.
That is everything.

And good-bye to her
Who once traded in hope.

Forget hope.
Right now is beautiful.
It is enough.
So be it.
And so it goes.

Find your gospel;
Preach it.

Better than that, though,
Do this:
Prefer silence and abide by it.

Changing Seasons

We grow distant
From the sun.
We turn away.

Yet at this angle
The light
Is so intimate

Illuminating ​
Every curve, fold,
Wrinkle, vein,

Every impression of time--
Elongating shadow​s,
Leaving every fact of our lives
Lit up.

The earth is littered with such facts;
I walk on them
With a heavy footfall.

Still, the sun on my face
Claims and names me
Like any one of these leaves.

Distance, the sun says,
Is an illusion.
And it is temporary.


Slow and slumberous,
Waves heavy with the promise
Of winter and rest
Course through water
That claims sunlight

And takes it deep
Below the surface
Where sea water stays warm,
Wrapping itself around
The sun’s light,

Enfolding it
Deep into itself,
Depositing evidence
Of its power
At our feet

In the fragments
Of shells:
Mysterious life
Combining sand and salt and water
With living light

In a dance that turns and turns
Spiraling upward
Always upward
To that source,
To life,
And giving it solid shape,
However fragile.

All of this makes me wonder
What it means
To be

A simple organism.

Seven Deer in Fairfield

Seven deer
One line
Through the woods
Hemmed in by the parkway
Silent to me
Through tinted double glazing
Soft light, autumn
Eastern Standard Time,
Moving toward the sunset

I follow.


Rocks: Do not resist them. Only go around And around and around... Eventually go over Go through
Carry the rock away Atoms at a time Over time
The soft space That replaces the rock
Will respond to the light, To life And there will emerge
In the still space One lily Crisp and white And open to the sun
A small sun In itself Its yellow core
Promising life again As the lily anchors itself To the earth.
Only give it time.