Remembering Sandy Hook

We've got to carry each other...
I have been thinking about Sandy Hook today.  Five years ago, a seriously deranged child of well-heeled NRA-supporting (estranged) parents killed 26 children and public educators for reasons we'll never know because, heck, the murderer is dead, too, and therefore cannot clue us into his thinking.  The father of mass murderer Adam Lanza has since poured tons of money into Newtown, but landing on his soft dollars at the bottom of the slide now is no consolation for the deep loss Newtown experienced because he and his former wife and the school district's special education department lacked the integrity to deal with the mass murder Adam Lanza they surely saw coming.
But Adam Lanza came.  He killed children. How does Newtown vote now?  Think about it, Newtown, before you break your heart again. Before more children die. You own Adam Lanza whether you like it or not, whether your SPED administrators who are there now were there then.   Who's next Newtown?
It's never too late to vote blue.


  1. You and the people of Sandy Hook have been on my mind all day, Sandy.... Bless you dear


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