Six Yellow Roses

Six yellow roses in a water glass
Are my company tonight.

They are enough
Even if I bought them
For myself,
Which I did
Because they were there and I wanted them.

They will die in a week,
But in the meantime, they will blossom;
I have willed this,

Cutting off their leaves
Trimming their stems
Adding that white powder to the water
And turning up the heat in the house.

I bled when I gripped their stems
To cut all six in one go
Because I do things like that
In a rush and without thinking
Because I see the possibilities and find them beautiful.

My blood made no difference, and it was a small price.
In the morning, their fragrance will fill the room.
The flowers will open; their stems will remain strong.

It is not yet over for these roses.

But when it is,
I will invert them until they are dry

And I will remember:
I bought myself roses
Because I wanted them
And I could.


  1. I love this. Glad you bought the flowers because you wanted them.

  2. Oh I like this so much. It is fierce; a declaration of your own surviorship and value!


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