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So many challenges to spring:
    Snow fall
    Snow fall
    Bitter cold
    Snowfall again
          Pressing silence and solitude
          Hard onto the heart
               Stay alone
               Stay here
               Stay silent.
Snow falls again:
     This time on leaf buds
      Rhododendrons who know spring will come

This is too much;
I give up on everything:
     A landscape that cannot forgive long enough to let me in.

And I am free of every attachment:
     I want nothing.
     I ask for nothing.

     I find myself with everything,
     Everything and complete.

Then it happens:
     Daffodils drill the earth
     Boring holes through hard ground and fallen leaves--
          So many needles thrust through the fabric of life
          Joining the ground beneath me to heaven.

This is one story, and it is the eternal moment.
And I find myself with everything and complete.

The Primacy of the First Amendment

I came across this on The Atlantic this evening. On the 19th anniversary of Columbine, which was followed by Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and myriad other shootings, I found myself thinking about the First Amendment to the Constitution.  I thought about why it is first.  The place and power of informed civil discourse is a foundational principle of this nation.  Essays--clearly communicated reasoning supported by evidence--and argument--taking a position on a matter of importance and considering it from multiple angles before arriving at a conclusion that should always be tentative--are a part of our civic DNA.

Of course.  When we can talk to each other, reflect, review, research, and reshape our thinking to return to the talking table to develop our thinking and our understanding, we are building relationships, which means building community, which means building a country.  Which is why we are the US and not some weird, dark nation where people are poisoned on their doorst…

Pixel 2: Morning

What your eyes beheld
You claimed for me: A rising sun Warming the air Caressing the cool ocean That rises to the touch To become translucent And return, creating a secret place In a small space between sea and earth.
And there is your picture.
I have been thinking all day about this arrested moment.
We know how it ends: That water will fall, Bringing treasures with it And taking some away

Poseidon's Horses

You watch them canter to shore In time with the pulse of the sea Their eager heads down Their manes white with moist light-- Diamonds cut from the air of morning.

You wait for the thunder Of their hooves on dry land-- Even the soft sand Of this beach--

But the horses turn and return By some miracle you can’t name To the dark waters And Poseidon.

This time and place--a point of return, From the the sun and light To the water that sustains you.

It is a dream. It is everything, And you are a bystander.

It is  your life.

Return when you want, A wild horse caressed In the morning light And welcome.

This is life, and
It is your dream.

Drifting Off

"Peepers," I whisper.  "Hear them."
You open your sleepy eyes and smile:  "Spring."
You return to your rest,
And I close my eyes, too.

Across the leafless woods
On fire in the light of this leafless afternoon
Come the percussive notes
Of the woodpecker,
Returned and hungry,
To establish the beat
Of this restive music of life

As we drift off.