So many challenges to spring:
    Snow fall
    Snow fall
    Bitter cold
    Snowfall again
          Pressing silence and solitude
          Hard onto the heart
               Stay alone
               Stay here
               Stay silent.
Snow falls again:
     This time on leaf buds
      Rhododendrons who know spring will come

This is too much;
I give up on everything:
     A landscape that cannot forgive long enough to let me in.

And I am free of every attachment:
     I want nothing.
     I ask for nothing.

     I find myself with everything,
     Everything and complete.

Then it happens:
     Daffodils drill the earth
     Boring holes through hard ground and fallen leaves--
          So many needles thrust through the fabric of life
          Joining the ground beneath me to heaven.
This is one story, and it is the eternal moment.
And I find myself with everything and complete.


  1. Beautiful poem, so nice to find this, coming back here after a long time :) Enjoy your spring/summer...year ;)

  2. And then there is hope! Beautiful post! Thank you!


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