I am Remembering the United States of America...

....and when I was proud to be a part of it.  But then Putin's bitch stole the White House, and here we are.  I look back to move forward.  I read The New Yorker, The Washington Post, the New York Times, everything, because every reputable media outlet sees the truth of where we are: a nation held hostage to a real estate entrepreneur who cannot read or run a calculator but who nevertheless assumes the right to run us into the ground in the name of his ego.  I think of my great uncle, who lies at the bottom of the Pacific, who did not die in combat so that a president of the United States could hand this nation over to the Russians.  I think of all the good people who have respected the integrity of our founding documents as vision statements inviting us to find our best selves and serve the greater good.

These thoughts take me here:

Which took me here:

Reflecting on the power of language.  This is no joke, no corny and romantic notion, no airy dream.  Words have power.  Words created this nation.  Putin's bitch is dismantling that language through his words.  This is a fight, and we have an arsenal.  Call it the truth.


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