The satyr bears
The pipes of Pan
In his repose:
The promise of music
And an invitation to ecstasy.

Pan’s companions,
The satyrs partook
In secret rituals
So dangerous they could lead
To personal salvation--
What we might nowadays call bliss.

A writer calls satyrs “savage beasts”
Who represent “man’s unruly, instinctive nature.”

“Savage” seems so harsh, so fearful, a word choice
That I have to look it up;
I want it to mean something other than brutal:
Savage from the Latin salvaticus, an alteration of silvaticus,
Meaning wild, or, literally, of the woods.

Campbell talks about the “divine hygiene of nature”
As Pan’s blessing for those who yield to the call
Rather than surrender to imagined fear.

Mary Oliver puts it this way:
“You have only to let the soft animal of your body
“love what it loves.”

Pan’s pipes call you.

Come if you dare.