Speaking the Truth While Rome Burns

Here's a very worthwhile opinion piece from the New York Times that evaluates the Trump presidency vis-a-vis General Mattis's resignation.

If you need a break from Trump's selling of this nation to Russia for his own benefit, the shut down of our government over Trump's border nonsense, and the prospect that our military's withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan will create a political vacuum that will intensify terrorism worldwide, hear this:

And read this if you have a few minutes.  Like Odysseus, remember a country worth fighting for, and then come back and fight for it.

Maybe think about this:  How has this country paid for your tax cut?  I wonder at the hubris of those who thought they could install this idiot, get what they wanted from him, and then manage him out of existence.  These guys overlooked the myth of Pandora.  And we are stuck with the mess. 

Here's the art that an inspired leader can influence.  Read the comments, and consider the intersection of art and politics in our world.  We have not had a like experience in the past two years. There is so much joy in this.  Watch it through, and you will see the tears in the eyes of the women who sing.  Remember what it was like to actually feel something?


  1. Sandy: This is so true and has really been bothering me this past week. We are in a real mess my friend.

  2. Great post, hubris is right. We have had a national nightmare the last two years, that has been decades in making.


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