Who Is Prometheus?

Who is Prometheus?
And why is he at Rockefeller Center
At the skating pond?

And will the world end
In fire or ice?

Some say in fire:
The knowledge of who we are
What we have undone.

Others say ice:
Inert, alone, and--forgive me--isolated.
Nobody argues that we will end.
(Have you noticed?)

We will end.

Who is Prometheus?
To steal fire
From Zeus and give it
To mortals.

We set ourselves apart
From the animals with fire.
We set ourselves apart
From father and mother.

Some say this inflamed Zeus
With jealousy
But that’s confusing Zeus with Yahweh,
Olympus with Sinai.

From Harney Mountain,
Zeus sees the fire
That will burn life down.

Prometheus, golden boy of the little pond
In a concrete canyon,
Who are you?


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