In the darkness,
I am alone and feeling
This storm that shakes my earth.

I am thinking of Poseidon
And how he desired a woman
For her beauty and the way she danced;

How he waited for her
When she fled him, running to Atlas
As he held the line between order and chaos;

How he sent a dolphin
To rescue her into his arms
And out of her terror

Of the world beneath the waves--
A place perhaps like this one in its torrential dark
That makes me unknown and naked to myself;

How Poseidon, mighty earthshaker,
God of horses and the unfathomable sea,
Gave her time that she might choose him, too;

How he waited for her
Until she could see herself as his queen--

Yet who remembers her name?

Feeling the close-moving thunder in this enveloping dark,
I imagine the golden chariot, those glorious horses,

The rhythm of the waves driving Poseidon and Amphitrite.


  1. Love this! Who remembers her name indeed?!


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