Blessing the Earth That Is Your Mother

Day stirs from still sleep
And whispers
Come here, close to me
Through the grey mist
And soft light.
Walk softly.
Take your time.
You are a whisper so soft
The deer are unafraid.
Stay among them.
Hear them tear at the grasses.
They surround you
As they graze.
They claim you
In a dream.
Their soft breath
Lifts you to the top
Of white pines
That are black yet
In this grey light.
Drift, gentle spirit,
Above the river
The light of the river
Is not the sun but your soul
Blessing you
As you bless the earth
That is your mother
The light flows
With the water
To the lake
And beyond
To the sea
That will ever be 
Our home
As it was
So we go
Let yourself dissolve
Into the rain

That becomes everything

Again and again.


  1. This piece has helped me in accessing new realms of life that I am entering. . . . paradoxically, because it also speaks of the lingering of those we love who have entered other reality. . . . Always feels important when I see you have posted, Sandy. And even with your long absences, you live in my thoughts and heart.


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