Never before you compared
My frozen image 
On your computer screen
To Medusa
Have I heard myself
Compared to an accursed and ugly woman 
With the power
To turn men to stone.

While the problem might be
Your limp Internet connection,
I cannot help but hear
You tell me I am ugly.
At the same time, though,
I think all you know of Medusa
Is that she was ugly. 
I, on the other hand, know
Medusa got it on with Poseidon
And gave birth to Pegasus.
I know also 
That Athena,
Who helped Perseus kill Medusa,
Also gave her healing blood
To Asclepius.
There’s more to say about Medusa,
Whom you find ugly,
Like me.

But I am not the frozen image
On your computer screen.
Also, I have no power
Over any man.

A stone is a stone.

Know your heart.

I will wash my hair.

Look away.


  1. Love line "I will wash my hair." Perfect succinct dismissal of the listener...!


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