Breaking Sunday Silence with the Flap of Wings

This past Sunday was something of a silent retreat here in Woodbury.  There was very little traffic.  There were few people out and about.  Cars were parked; people were in.  So I went out, and I made my way down to the pond and tried like heck not to disturb old Grouchy Guts, the blue heron who hangs around here and makes an almighty ruckus when he is disturbed.  

That glass shattered, I made my way back through the woods, where life went on in the form of this skunk cabbage, pushing itself through the mud to bask in the soft March sun.  

Clearly, life goes on.  May we go with it.


  1. Hello Sandy, great captures of the herons, they can be fussy when disturbed. I am also seeing the skunk cabbage, I sign spring is here. Stay safe, healthy and happy. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Lovely photos! I've never heard or seen a skunk cabbage in my life!

    How interesting!


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