Skywatch Friday: Topsail in the Evening

Here is a favorite place that I haven't seen in a while.  Topsail Island in North Carolina was my parents' and my vacation destination for the better part of 10 years.  Mom and dad chose it almost 20 years ago because it was remote.  The unrefined quiet of the place appealed to them.  There were only so many Dollar Generals and only so many packed-in housing complexes.  This was a pretty wild place, and you had to see a lot of North Carolina no-man's-land to get to it.  The place has changed a lot over the years, and chain hotels and cheap souvenir shops have cropped up all over the place to mar the landscape and challenge the quiet that comes with being at the edge of a continent and face-to-face with the vast and mysterious marvel of the Atlantic Ocean.

Covid-19 is shutting down everything and putting us all under house arrest.  Will the air clear?  Will the Earth heal even a little bit?  Will we stand still long enough to hear the breeze, feel the heat of the sun, notice the wildlife around us?  Maybe.  I hope so. 

Skywatch Friday 


  1. Beautiful photo, life here in Oklahoma has slowed down quite a bit. It reminds of Christmas afternoon. Not too many people out and about.

  2. Beautiful....I've not been to topsail but have friends that go there every chance they get!


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