Wordless Wednesday: Stability of thy Times?

Wordless Wednesday

Here is Zeus at Rockefeller Center.  I'm not a City person by any stretch, but I do love to wander around Rockefeller Center and take in the Art Deco interpretations of the Greek gods.  It's a wonder Rockefeller got this city within the city built during the Depression. We are fortunate Rockefeller's ego had an aesthetic sense, an understanding of history, and the drive to make a meaningful statement that would stand the test of time. 

In my English classes, we would describe the statement here as a level-2 claim: two concepts expressed as a relationship in a statement.  "Wisdom and knowledge" (concepts) shall be (verb) "the stability of they times" (concept).  Turn this upside down and you get the claim, The lack of wisdom and knowledge shall be the instability of thy times.  In other words, ignorance kills.  And so it will.


  1. I will take all the wisdom and knowledge available.

  2. Looks like he's going to take off via his beard! Bringing a good message, though.

  3. happy WW! ☺

  4. hm. mankind has knowledge for sure. But no wisdom whatsoever. :( Great post!


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