About Sandy

I am a teacher and writer in northwestern Connecticut. All my life I have marveled at the power (magic?) of language to connect people to each other, to deepen relationships, and to open thinking. Well-chosen words in the right place for a right purpose become eternal touchstones of the experience of living. Words are precious jewels, and they are sacred–to be respected, treasured, and used with extreme care.  

I was born and raised in Connecticut, where my family has deep roots.  For several years in the late eighties and early nineties, I lived in Ireland.  Those were years rich in experience and adventure, and they continue to inform the way I look at life. 

I spend as much time as I can on the back porch, the front porch, in the garden, or in the woods. These are vital places, and I am fortunate to have them in the good company of my family, friends, and neighbors.  


Every day, I write.  I search for the magic and know I will find it or it will find me.