Poet Laureate - Woodbury, Connecticut

Appointed poet laureate in the fall of 2021, my term runs through September 2024. Follow me on Instagram to read poetry, learn about poetry events, and upcoming podcast episodes. Reach out via my contact form about appearances, readings, and poetry.

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Poetry Can Build Community

Dr. Maria Leda Souza Hogan and Bernardo de Castro talk with Sandy about the experience of living between cultures as individuals who left their homeland to make new lives in the U.S. Maria shares excerpts from her memoir Samba of Survival.

As part of National Poetry Month in 2023, Woodbury Public Library and The Garden sponsored a poetry contest for the students of Region 14.  Sandy judged the poems and designed and prepared this book to memorialize students' thoughtful work about the place of nature in their lives.

"I am so impressed with and happy to witness how your special poetry umbrella includes and inspires so many fine folks from all walks of life! Wasn't the Franklin Academy a terrific addition? I look forward to more events with you and the dynamic Woodbury Public Library community." (Featured poet Deboarah Nash Ott)

"We were blown away by how welcoming everyone was to a collection of teen poets and their teachers unexpectedly joining them. They were very gracious in giving our students the opportunity to share their work."

(Franklin Academy Teachers)

This talk was presented at the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society in Southbury, Conn., Feb. 19, 2023.

Poetry and Music

I was one of six poets from the Connecticut Poetry Society whose work was chosen by composer Sarah Marze, who is completing a project this summer entitled, "Let Us SIng: Contemporary Art Songs for Young Singers." At the CPS Spring Fling in early June, Sarah gave a presentation on art songs, explaining how different a poem can be when set to music. During her presentation, all the poems selected for "Let Us Sing" were read. In this video, I read Dust and Sarah then sings an early version of her original composition.

Nutmeg Poetry Awards - Third Place

"In our consumer society, where we read books to help us eliminate clutter and “stuff” from our lives, we often forget how our parents, grandparents, and ancestors honored and cared for their far-less-abundant possessions. In “Take Her Coat,” a father encourages his daughter to take the “good coat”—one of but two—of her recently deceased mother. Donning the coat, the daughter is enveloped in not just silky satin and soft camel hair but in the comfort of memories as well. This simple poem speaks to what truly has value."

(Contest judge B. Fulton Jennes, poet laureate, Ridgefield, CT)