Woodbury Writes

Hosted by Sandy Carlson, poet laureate of Woodbury, CT, this podcast features Sandy's conversations with local authors about the art of writing, the books they produce, and the passion that drives them.

Woodbury Writes is produced in collaboration with the Woodbury Public Library. Marla Martin and Ron Fairchild of WPL are executive producers. Production edits by Ed Dzitko.

Note to Guests

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Season 2 - Bruce Coffin (1 and 2), John Opalenik (3), Gioia Diliberto (4), Steve Parlato (5), Stephen Bowling (6), Paul Hensler (7) William Steele (8), Carl Baker (9), Sylvia Crunden (10), Jackson Kuhl (11), Helene Stapinski and Bonnie Siegler (12), Thomas Tessier (13), Jennifer Covello (14), Katie Carroll (15), Chris Belden (16), Julia Bower Richard and Rick Richardson (17), David Bibbey (18), Richard Seltzer (19), Anne Howard (20), Tracy Bittner (21), SJ Valentine (22), John Opalenik (23), Stephanie Klose (24).

Seasons 1 and 0 - Ed Edelson (1) , Charles McNair (2), Lin Northrup (3), Cindy Eastman (4), Deborah Nash Ott (5),  Claudia Fox (6), Deb Holman (7), Mark Hehl (8), Avye Andonellis (9), Barbara Connery (10), Mary Doucette (11), Sivan Hong (12), Chase Taylor (13).

Where Can I Find Woodbury Writes?

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