People and Their Poems

People and their Poems is a podcast about the poems that make a difference in our world. In each episode, Sandy talks with a person who has been influenced by poetry and become a poet or a supporter of this literary form, discussing the poems or lyrics that became their mentors, or their muses, as they have explored the world of the poem. You'll also hear the poems of the poets who are your neighbors. Published every two weeks; scroll for latest episodes.

Upcoming schedule: Elizabeth Kutepov (10/15), Patricia Martin (10/31).

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Sandy talks with Southbury, CT, poet and artist Faith Vicinanza, who discusses her role in slam poetry in Connecticut, the influence of others to drive us toward poetry, and the vital relationship between the poet as performer and the audience.

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In this conversation with Litchfield County (CT) poet and writer Jack Sheedy, Sandy talks with Jack about his experiences as a youthful journalist selling a family newspaper, working as a reporter in local journalism as an adult, and his experiences of poetry as both reader and writer. He shares with us a dramatic reading of Robert Browning's poem "My Last Duchess," a poem by Jean Sands "Close but not Touching," both of which inspired him. He also reads his own work "The Wanting "Place."

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In this episode, Sandy talks with poet and children's author Donna Marie Merritt of Watertown, CT. Donna talks about the down-to-earth poetry she read as a young person that showed her it's OK to be yourself. Donna also reflects on the symbotlic relationship between her life and her poetry.

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In this bonus episode, Sandy talks about the importance of "remembering" during a Woodbury (CT) Arts Association Arts Walk Thursday, Aug. 18.

This episode is a part of the Studio Hill Sessions, talks that Sandy has given during the open mic sessions at the gallery during the event.

Studio Hill Gallery at 507 Main Street South in Woodbury, Connecticut hosts a spoken word event as part of the Arts Alliance of Woodbury's walk on the third Thursdays of the month from May through August. This video is from my contribution to the event, which developed into a conversation about what it means to remember.

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In this episode 3, Sandy talks with Woodbury, CT, poet Amy Dorio (@amy_dorio on Twitter), an educator who writes poetry. Amy reflects on her father's influence on her interest in and pursuit of poetry and the potential for poetry to transform students' lives as they learn to read poetic language as well as to write it.

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In this episode, Sandy talks with Polly Brody of Southbury, CT, a prolific lifelong writer who has written memoirs and essays as well as poems. Polly talks about the experiences and texts that have influenced her writing as well as how her writing has influenced her life. She reads a poem by contemporary American poet Mark Doty as well a work of her own.

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In the inaugural episode, Connecticut poet Pat Mottola, who is president of the Connecticut Poetry Society, and Sandy talk about art history and poetry, the significance of red dresses, Pat's connection to veterans, and Pat's poetry. Listen as Pat reads “What Do Women Want?” by Kim Addonizio and her own poem, "I Shelve My Lovers Alphabetically," which you can read on this page on Pat's poems page when you scroll to the bottom.

You can order two of Pat's books - Under the Red Dress and After Hours - from Amazon, and learn more about Pat on her website.