Life matters. Family matters. Every word matters. The truth matters.

Let words build bridges between me and you. This is love.

Commemorative Poem - Southbury, Connecticut, Defeats Local Nazis

Southbury resident and author of Lois's Story Ed Edelson invited me to write a poem commemorating the 85th anniversary of when Southbury said no to the Nazis in 1937. Ed and his community-wide team organized a weekend-long event this November honoring the town's bravery in the face of fascism when it tried to encroach on the Kettletown part of town.

New Volume: Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue is a collection of sonnets that honors language and where it comes from. A mother tongue is a person’s first language. The language we speak first results from a confluence of time, place, and family. These poems continue my exploration of the question of what it means to be here, to be with each other, to understand ourselves as part of a family and a community rooted in history and living right here and now.

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Bearing Witness to the Wind, Available on Amazon

Bearing Witness to the Wind probes the tangible, if fleeting, beauty and love we experience in this world and how we endure when beauty, love, and loved ones pass. This collection of poems is a celebration of survival.

Poetry and the Art of Peter Seltzer

Ekphrastic poems describe works of art in detail, making them visible to the reader or listener, and taking the audience inside the poet’s experience of that work of art. Ekphrastic poetry tells the reader, here’s what I see and how I am reacting to it. In October, members of the Orenaug Chapter of the Connecticut Poetry Society spent time with pastels and oil paintings by Peter Seltzer of Woodbury at the Woodbury Public Library. In this video, you will see Peter’s art and hear the voices of the writers reading their poetic responses to his work.