Life matters.  Family matters. Every word matters.  The truth matters.

 Let words build bridges between me and you. This is love.

Choral Song in Woodbury

This is the world premiere of composer Sarah Marze's choral song titled "Waking, Dreaming," performed at the Leroy Anderson House national historic landmark in Woodbury, Connecticut. 

The song is derived from a sonnet of the same name by Woodbury poet laureate Sandy Carlson. 

Marze, pianist Emma Bocciarelli, and the Voicebox octet and its conductors demonstrated how they transform words into music during the first of four presentations titled Exploring the Creative Process. Each presentation will take place at the Leroy Anderson House.

Sonnet Collections - Only Available Here

NEW - The sonnets in this collection emerge from the inner peace and the courage that come with honestly facing life on its terms. I connect with the natural world, my family, and the world through these poems, exploring the question of what it means to walk this earth as a human being, one organism among myriad others that make their home on this planet.


Happiness is not a gift, and it is not a simple experience. In this collection of sonnets, Taking Time, I explore both the struggle for happiness and the nature of victory. These poems consider the complex interplay of the individual with place and time in the discovery of happiness.


Mother Tongue is a collection of sonnets that honors language and where it comes from.  A mother tongue is a person’s first language. The language we speak first results from a confluence of time, place, and family. These poems continue my exploration of the question of what it means to be here, to be with each other, to understand ourselves as part of a family and a community rooted in history and living right here and now. 


A Collection of Summer Poems

Make It Yours is a collection of summer poems that explore what it means to be alive in a specific place, what it means to be family, and what it means to remember.


Poetry Can Build Community

Watch my presentation from my visit to the Mattuck Unitarian Universalist Society Feb. 19, 2023.